In Security Council,
To the general public prosecutor of the Russian Federation,
To director of FSB,
To Minister of Internal Affairs


Adviser YuVAO (Kapotnya) of of Moscow N.V.Litvinov on July, 14, 1998 has committed suicide in the strange way. However, this person was very active, independent Adviser supervising actions of Luzhkov, owning itself. Last week he complained to friends, that at night could not sleep, strange itself felt.
Therefore I think, that him, as the witness, special services (Obviously Moscow FSB) with application п the psichotronic weapon have killed.
To me, as to the witness of one of crimes of mayor J.Luzhkov, applied the psichotronic weapon in May - June, 1996. My application to Director of FSB V.V.Putin has been sent 23.12.98 in the Moscow Office of Public Prosecutor and business not investigated.
In connection with stated I ask:
1. To lead additional investigation on death of Adviser N.V.Litvinov
2. To lead investigation under my application from 23.12.98 Director of FSB V.V.Putin (the Appendix 1).
3. To supervise actions of special services which at the selective company, under the order of mayor J.Luzhkov will destroy witnesses and simply objectionable with application and the psichotronic weapon.
Beljaev Vladimir Mihajlovich.

109559. Moscow, Tihoreckij, 14-1-35.

After transfer of my application from the Republican organizations in municipal militia of Kapotnya business has been closed

In Office of Public Prosecutor,
FSB, the Department of Internal Affairs
From Beljaev Vladimir Mihajlovich
Living Shchelkovo,
Street Central, 9, sq. 317


To me, as to the witness on mayor J.Luzhkov №67/98 attempts of murder of me were applied, my family. Some ways are stated in the appendix 2, and also with application of chemical means. However these affairs now are not investigated.
After crossing to Shchelkovo there was a hope to avoid actions of special services of Luzhkov. However, after installation by the governor of the Moscow area of "person Luzhkov" (the newspaper " Evening Moscow ") B.Gromov the next attempts of murder are expected.
So at the end of January of this year I have found out outflow of gas on kitchen. Before the nut of a gas hose has been tightened{delayed} by a key and outflow was not, and in the evening - the joint was left with gas, and the nut easily turned a hand. Next day I have invited the master from "the Shchelkovo trust of a gas facilities" for official strengthening a gas network in an apartment. That is, further explosion of gas or a poisoning with gas it will be caused only by special services from Luzhkov.
In connection with expected murder of my family, me I ask
1. To conduct an official search in my apartment on probably provocative thrown weapon, drugs, etc., and also poison gases, radioactive substances (causing oncological diseases), systems of radiolistening.
2. As protection to me, will not be given to my families ask to allow to apply to me self-defense, including the psichotronic weapon.

Beljaev V.M.
The appendix
1. The reference in mass-media from August 1999 (copy)
2. The application to Director of FSB V.V.Putin from 23.12.98 (copy)

The application is registered in Office of Public Prosecutor 58G - 2000 from 13.02.2000

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